Why Choose Email Marketing Over Direct Marketing?

Email marketing and direct mail marketing are forever compared, and the comparisons lie not just in costs and pricing, but also in immediacy and faster results. Digital marketers, of course, will provide their own biased opinion. They would argue that with everyone sitting on front of their computers today, the idea of continuing to use paper seems not only unwise, but also not ecologically sound at all.The debate heats up with the addition of Web-based tools even for traditional mail marketing, including geocoding services that append latitude and longitude information at the property-level match for virtually any address it successfully standardizes. Apart from its ability to geocode address information, geocoding services in the United States can also perform reverse geocoding for heightened efficiency.But the question remains: which is more preferable between email marketing and direct marketing?There are stark differences, for one, in the costs of advertising. Print marketing will spend staggering amounts on printing/binding/addressing, mailing, artwork or production, and digital proofing. Email marketers, on the other hand, spend minimally on production and mailing, and virtually nothing on digital proofing and printing/binding/addressing.Email marketers argue as well that email is a speedy medium, unlike direct mail that can take weeks for tasks from reparation of artwork to reaching a specific household. This speed can very well be capitalized on for news, events, weather stuff, and other time-sensitive categories.Email allows what marketers call A/B testing, which is the sending of 2 or more versions of the email piece to compare headlines and try out different special deals and promos. The answers are fast, unlike direct marketing that has a rather lengthy turnaround time. Added value in exchange of more information is instant in email as well, where you can send a white paper or special report – absolutely free – after someone fills out a survey or form. The target individuals will be more willing to fill your form out, especially with the knowledge of getting something in return instantly. Email marketers argue that instant gratification cannot be provided by a printed marketing piece.Whatever marketing mode you think is most appropriate for your business, it is always important to step up in the game and not hesitate to use tools to enhance your leads and information at hand. As mentioned above, geocoding services increases efficiency in shipping, tracking, and mailing, and improves target marketing.

Debt Relief – Consolidation Or Debt Settlement? Which is Best Way to Clear Unsecured Loans?

There are many persons who are of the opinion that the best way to clear an unsecured loan is not repay it at all. Since it is unsecured, the lender will have no option but to waive it off when it is clear that no repayment shall come forth.Well, you should not share the same opinion because lenders will not hesitate to drag you to the court and procure a freeze on your bank account until the debt is repaid in full. Hence, if you are facing financial problems, you should try to tackle the issue of debt problems head on.For starters, do not try running away from your credit card issuers and debt collection agents. It may not be pleasurable but you will have to maintain regular contact. When you finally go in for consolidation or settlement deal, you should always be in a position to say that you maintain to contact no matter how hopeless the situation seems.Considering the large number of individuals who run away from debt collection agents, the fact that you were there to answer their queries at every instance will work in your favor.The best way to clear your unsecured loans is debt- settlement if you do not have sufficient cash in hand, if you are already back on payments and if you do not earn a lot of money.On the other hand, if your debts are not very large, if you have sufficient income and if you are in a position to actually save money by reducing your expenses, you should go in for consolidation loan.The biggest advantage of a debt settlement deal is the 50% discount and the installment facility to repay the balance. The disadvantage is that you will have to suffer a negative impact on your credit score.The biggest advantage of a consolidation deal is the reduction in the interest rate that will help you repay more even as you pay the same amount to your creditors. The disadvantage is that you will have to repay the debt in full and will not get any significant discount.If you are finding it difficult to manage your finances and if you want professional help, you should go in for debt- settlement professional. If you need settlement, you can continue with the same service provider. If you do not need a settlement, you can easily take the advice of the professional and get in touch with a debt consolidation loan provider.

Acid Reflux Disease Diet

Acid Reflux is becoming a common problem these days due to the changing life styles and poor eating habits of people. One of the easiest ways of preventing acid reflux disease is through eating a balanced diet and avoiding certain foods known to trigger heartburn and acid reflux.The diet of patients of acid reflux disease should be monitored carefully. They should not consume foods that stimulates acid reflux. Foods like fresh apple as well as dried apples are very beneficial for people suffering from acid reflux. Apple juice also serves as a good remedy for the disease. Eating a whole banana is a very good cure for acid reflux. Bananas are actually said to be a natural antacid. Another fruit that greatly helps in the relief of acid reflux is papaya. Papaya can also be taken in the form of pills after a meal. Pineapple is also very beneficial for acid reflux sufferers. Also increasing the amount of fiber in the diet is very helpful to getting rid of acid reflux. Taking in plenty of water also gives great relief to acid reflux.One should include vegetables like baked potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green beans and peas. Also there are animal products that are very good for acid reflux disease. Ground beef, extra lean steak, broil chicken breast, skinless egg whites, egg substitute, fish etc are also considered to be good in acid reflux disease relief. It should be taken into account that foods should not contain excessive fats. Although dairy products like dairy cheese, feta or goat, cream cheese, and fat free sour cream are considered to be healthy for consumption of patients of acid reflux disease most forms of fatty foods should be avoided. Among the grains pretzels, rice – either brown or white, graham crackers, rice cakes, corn bread, cereal, bran or oatmeal, and multigrain breads are considered to be friendly for acid reflux sufferers.There are certain foods like fatty, fried, and spicy foods; tomato and citrus products like lemonade, orange, and grapefruit juice; cranberry juice, chocolates, peppermint, pepper, coffee, tea with caffeine and alcohol that should to avoided to prevent acid reflux. Vegetables like mashed potatoes, french fries and raw onions are very harmful to acid reflux sufferers. Dairy products like sour cream, milk shakes and ice creams and regular cheese should be avoided. Macaroni, spaghetti with sauce and cheese are also unfriendly for acid reflux patients. As already stated alcoholic products are harmful to the patients of acid reflux. It is advisable to avoid all fatty and fried foods, peppermints and spearmints, whole milk, oils and creamed soups. People suffering from acid reflux avoid eating meal from fast food restaurants.Some experts say that some people tend to swallow air while eating or drinking that leads to acid reflux. Chain smokers often have a problem of acid reflux. Proper diet along with proper eating habits is required to prevent acid reflux. While eating one should sit in an upright position. Moreover the food should be consumed slowly and chewed properly. If one goes for a small walk after meal, it gives great relief for acid reflux. But strenuous workouts should be avoided after a meal. One should take care of the fact that one should not lie down immediately after consuming food. One should avoid eating late and snacking in the evening. Acid reflux patients should avoid eating anything two hours before going to bed. Do not consume large meals at one sitting. One should eat small quantities 5 to 6 times during the day. Acid reflux patients should not use tobacco as nicotine weakens the lower esophageal muscle. Following a proper diet and adopting healthy food habits is the best treatment for acid reflux problems.

Natural Anti Aging – Slow Down Your Aging Process From The Inside

Natural anti aging will happen if you give your body everything it needs to rejuvenate itself from the inside naturally. When you do this properly natural anti aging follows, and over time, you will slow down the rate at which your body ages.If you do it the right way you will begin to look and feel younger naturally without any need to resort to surgical facelifts, botox injections, injectable fillers or hormone injections.The truth is, natural anti aging involves nothing more than a good understanding of what causes your body to age, what your body needs the most and what you should avoid.The recent upsurge in the sale of products such as nutrition, physical fitness, skin care, vitamins, supplements and herbs is a good indication that people want to look younger and live longer.Although there has been extensive medical research into reversing the aging process and the rejuvenation of skin cells using stem cells, for most people feeling and looking younger can be simplified by avoiding proven age accelerators.It is widely accepted that your expected lifespan can be increased by following a natural anti aging plan which includes a good and healthy diet, keeping fit with regular exercise and avoiding age accelerating hazards such as sugar consumption, refined carbohydrates, smoking, sun damage, inflammation caused by toxins or excessive exercise, and muscle atrophy from inactivity.Natural Anti Aging – The Worst Age AcceleratorMost of us know you should cut down on sugar if you want to lose weight but did you know that sugar accelerates the rate at which your body ages?According to Dr Nicholas Perricone; “Sugar is exceptionally damaging to your skin because it attaches to the proteins of collagen, causing collagen to “cross-link.” When collagen cross-links, it becomes stiff and inflexible, leading to the wrinkling and stiffness of old skin.”The cross-linking of collagen not only makes your skin inflexible but it also leads to discoloration and pigmentation faults such as age-spots.Dr Nicholas Perricone also says: “Eating sugary and starchy foods shows up on the skin as a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, the loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of facial contours and increased pore size. These foods can also exacerbate acne, which is a systemic, inflammatory disease. I am not exaggerating when I say that sugar can rob you of your youth, health, and beauty.”Natural Anti Aging – Cut Out SugarSugars cause Endogenous Glycations to occur in the bloodstream, fructose and galactose are the worst culprits because they have approximately ten times the glycation activity of glucose.Glycation is the first step in a complex series of very slow reactions in the body which eventually lead to advanced glycation end products (ironically known as AGEs).Some AGEs are more reactive than the sugars they were originally derived from and are implicated in many age-related chronic diseases such as: cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and peripheral neuropathy.Glycation also causes your skin to age noticeably by damaging collagen in two ways. Firstly Glycation reduces your collagen’s ability to rebuild your skin’s structure and secondly it increases the natural rate at which your collagen breaks down.So, from a natural anti aging point of view, sugar delivers a hefty two-pronged attack on your skin and this increases as you grow older and your collagen levels become naturally weaker.If this isn’t bad enough, Glycation also increases the adverse effects already caused by smoking, alcohol and sun damage.So next time you feel tempted by that sugary doughnut or an extra spoonful of sugar in your tea, think on. Sugar consumption seriously increases your risk of having wrinkled, crepey skin that is susceptible to sagging and age spots.Avoiding sugar seems to be straightforward but sugar is found everywhere in this modern world.Convenience foods, processed foods, soda drinks, confectionary, cakes, biscuits, anything that has been caramelized.If you are serious about natural anti aging then you must cut sugar out of your diet completely.Sugar has no place in your natural anti aging plan if you want to slow down your aging process and reap the rewards in the future by having a radiant, clear complexion and the vitality to enjoy your extended life.For most people longevity is not worth having if you do not have the energy and health to enjoy it, feeling younger and looking younger go together when it comes to natural anti aging.