Acid Reflux Disease Diet

Acid Reflux is becoming a common problem these days due to the changing life styles and poor eating habits of people. One of the easiest ways of preventing acid reflux disease is through eating a balanced diet and avoiding certain foods known to trigger heartburn and acid reflux.The diet of patients of acid reflux disease should be monitored carefully. They should not consume foods that stimulates acid reflux. Foods like fresh apple as well as dried apples are very beneficial for people suffering from acid reflux. Apple juice also serves as a good remedy for the disease. Eating a whole banana is a very good cure for acid reflux. Bananas are actually said to be a natural antacid. Another fruit that greatly helps in the relief of acid reflux is papaya. Papaya can also be taken in the form of pills after a meal. Pineapple is also very beneficial for acid reflux sufferers. Also increasing the amount of fiber in the diet is very helpful to getting rid of acid reflux. Taking in plenty of water also gives great relief to acid reflux.One should include vegetables like baked potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green beans and peas. Also there are animal products that are very good for acid reflux disease. Ground beef, extra lean steak, broil chicken breast, skinless egg whites, egg substitute, fish etc are also considered to be good in acid reflux disease relief. It should be taken into account that foods should not contain excessive fats. Although dairy products like dairy cheese, feta or goat, cream cheese, and fat free sour cream are considered to be healthy for consumption of patients of acid reflux disease most forms of fatty foods should be avoided. Among the grains pretzels, rice – either brown or white, graham crackers, rice cakes, corn bread, cereal, bran or oatmeal, and multigrain breads are considered to be friendly for acid reflux sufferers.There are certain foods like fatty, fried, and spicy foods; tomato and citrus products like lemonade, orange, and grapefruit juice; cranberry juice, chocolates, peppermint, pepper, coffee, tea with caffeine and alcohol that should to avoided to prevent acid reflux. Vegetables like mashed potatoes, french fries and raw onions are very harmful to acid reflux sufferers. Dairy products like sour cream, milk shakes and ice creams and regular cheese should be avoided. Macaroni, spaghetti with sauce and cheese are also unfriendly for acid reflux patients. As already stated alcoholic products are harmful to the patients of acid reflux. It is advisable to avoid all fatty and fried foods, peppermints and spearmints, whole milk, oils and creamed soups. People suffering from acid reflux avoid eating meal from fast food restaurants.Some experts say that some people tend to swallow air while eating or drinking that leads to acid reflux. Chain smokers often have a problem of acid reflux. Proper diet along with proper eating habits is required to prevent acid reflux. While eating one should sit in an upright position. Moreover the food should be consumed slowly and chewed properly. If one goes for a small walk after meal, it gives great relief for acid reflux. But strenuous workouts should be avoided after a meal. One should take care of the fact that one should not lie down immediately after consuming food. One should avoid eating late and snacking in the evening. Acid reflux patients should avoid eating anything two hours before going to bed. Do not consume large meals at one sitting. One should eat small quantities 5 to 6 times during the day. Acid reflux patients should not use tobacco as nicotine weakens the lower esophageal muscle. Following a proper diet and adopting healthy food habits is the best treatment for acid reflux problems.

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